13 Things to Know Before Travelling Globally

You have got a vacation to travel abroad for refreshment and looking for some tips? Well, here we are with tops 10 tips that you must read before traveling. Here are the things to know before travelling the world:

1.     Be Smart and Research a Bit to Check Reviews:

Before you set a plan about where you should go, you must have some idea about that place. If you visit anywhere by having zero ideas, then it might not be a clever way.

It is the era of the internet. So simply do a search about that place on the internet. Most of the popular places are listed in the Google Map nowadays and Google Map allows users to give reviews about any listed places.

So once you did search on Google using the name of the place, you will see some reviews. Just have a look at what other people said about that place.

If you find bad reviews then you can easily tell that it is not a good place to travel.

Here’s an example on the reviews for Central Park of New York

2.     Know about the Required Costs and Set up Your Budget:

Well, once you selected the place where you would like to go, you must have proper budget to enjoy each and every activity there.

For an instance, suppose you have no idea about the cost to travel and got less money than what you need.

What will happen then?

You won’t be able to enjoy all the activities. May be you could only do the best activities, but you will still miss some important ones. Very simple!

3.     Trick to Not Fall in Short of Money

If you are traveling domestically, then you can simply keep a good amount of money in your bank account. But make sure you have searched for ATM’s of your bank near your destination. Because if you use some other bank’s ATMs then you will be charged some extra amount. So simply use your bank’s ATM in order to do charge free transaction. That’s why do search and find your bank’s ATMs near your destination.

If you are traveling overseas, you have to use your card in some other bank’s ATMs this time. But what will be wiser you do withdraw in the local currency. Because it will be less costly for you. Also, make sure you are keeping a card that would be supported by the ATMs of the country where you are visiting.

Here’s a warning!

Be sure to browse the airport’s website of your destination first to see if they have any ATM’s inside or not. You might know most of the airports have even several ATMs, but if you are visiting a smaller airport, it might not have one. In that case, you have to purchase some local currency ahead of time to be safe and riskless.

Here’s another warning:

While traveling overseas, make sure you have made contact with your bank. You just inform them that you are visiting a specific country. If you don’t let them know and try to use other country’s ATMs, they might block or hold your account as suspicious activity.

In order to be safe, just inform them about the country where you are about to travel.

4.     Do Some Local Research

There are tons of travel blogs available on the internet that can give you ideas about traveling.

Oh, you are reading this one as well! Just joking!

What you can do, search on Google by writing the name of the place and get ideas about it. Suppose you are willing to travel New York state of the United States, you just simply do research by writing some keywords on Google like “Top places to visit in New York” or “Guide on traveling New York” or maybe “Best activities to do while traveling New York” like that.

It would be wiser if you do research about local events that normally occur at weekends or every year. Almost each and every place in the world has some local events that you may not see in other places. Events are always fascinating.  So you should do research about that as well in order to fulfill your traveling.

Also, make sure you picked the right season to go. It will allow you to fulfill your journey with enough excitement.

5.     Be Careful about Your Security

While you are about to travel, security is a must. If you are unsecured any bad occurrence can take place anytime.

Make sure you bring copies of your passport and other documents. Your passport might get stolen anytime. You can’t guarantee if you will have it until you return to your country. So to be safe, keep a copy of your passport either in your hotel or where you would stay for nights.

Also, you should keep soft-copies of your passport in your online storage like Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can at least prove your citizenship with that copy.

Again you can be a bit smart for better safety!

To be safer, do register with your embassy. If in case any problem happens in the country where you are visiting, your government would be able to easily find you and get you back to your country.

6.     Gather Some General Knowledge

Each and every country has its own rules for visa processing. You can be clever by knowing about the visa processing fees, timings and also other question that may come in your head. So know in advance and be free from wasting time.

Again, be aware that some of the countries have an extra fee for travelers to enter or leave the country. It normally varies somewhere from $25 to $200. So, simply do research and know if the country has additional fees or not.

Again you should know that the price for a specific product in your country and in your destination country won’t be the same. So you can also have an idea about the variance of prices of products so that you set up a budget perfectly.

7.     Be Careful about Your Health

It’s cool that you are going to travel, but you can’t enjoy your journey if you get sick for any reason. In order to be free from sickness, purchase some common medicines and keep them in your travel bag. Make sure you are purchasing legally safe medicines, otherwise that would be another problem for you.

The types of medicines depend on Geography. For example, if you are planning to travel African or Asian countries, you must have some antimalarials as there’s a possibility to get affected by this disease. It will cost $1-$5 each day.

Also, ask your doctor about which vaccinations would be required for the place where you are going to visit. Make sure you double checked and purchased the medicines. Also, you can ask your doctor if your medicines are allowed to be carried with you in that Country.

8.     Be conscious about the Weather of Your Destination

Suppose it’s Winter Season in New York, it doesn’t mean that everywhere in the world is Winter Season now. So at first know about the current condition of that place and then make your decision about what to keep with you in order to stay there.

If you found winter there, bring some warm clothing. On the other hand, if you found summer, you have pack up with some thin clothing.

Also, be sure if you can really enjoy your journey in that weather condition or not. It’s hard for someone who lives in a place with (-15) degree Celsius to stay in a place having (+30) degree Celsius. So be aware of the temperature as well.

9.     Hire Taxis Wisely

This might be funny, but yes, being a bit wise can help you to save money. It is good for you if you go outside of the airport and then hire a taxi. Because if you hire a taxi inside the airport, it will charge more as they have to pay an entrance fee. But sometimes this trick won’t work and might become unsafe. Some places like Mexico and Colombia are not safe and in that case, you should go with official taxi.

Always make sure to tell the driver about where you are going. Also, make the negotiation with the payment before starting the trip. Otherwise, driver might ask for more payment than as usual.

10. Luggage and Packing

Make sure you are a bit careful about your electronics. Like, you must carry charging adapters with you so that you can charge your electronic devices for example, your ipod. Again you must know that every country has different size of plugs also different voltages. So be aware of it as well.

In order to get better communication, make sure you have activated your phone’s global capabilities. It might charge a bit, but it would be great for you because normal roaming charges will be more than that.

Now before packing up your bags with necessary clothing and other essentials, be sure you have made a list of these essentials first. Again each airline has own guidelines on how many bags you can carry for free. So read these guidelines before packing up your bags. And then make a decision on how many bags you are going to carry actually.

Also, don’t forget to carry some dry foods.

Watch this video to know some great travel pack-up hacks. It will even allow you to carry lots of things in small bags.

11. Be Savvy with the Tickets of Planes, Buses and Trains

If you have enough time in hand, then you can purchase tickets for plane earlier because the price varies from time to time. Once you found the price reasonable, just purchase it. If you go for purchasing a ticket just before the day of traveling, then the price will be definitely more than earlier.

Once you reached in your destination, be wise to make decision about which transportation you should use buses or trains. Sometimes buses are better than trains and sometimes trains are better than buses. So just check out these options while you are going to make your decision about it.

12. Be Aware of Culture and Politics

Be always friendly with your behavior but don’t try to make promises as it might be dangerous. Be free from showing your feet towards someone as it seems disrespectfulness to someone in many cultures. Even touching anyone’s head is not a good thing to do.

Always try to avoid touching someone of opposite gender. For example, if you are on a bus or train, always try to sit next to someone of the same gender.

If you see any banner with a warning like “don’t take photos”, always try not to take photos there. You might be surprised that it is not liked by some cultures.

Always say the truth about from where you came. Just get yourself prepared to represent your own country. Always represent your country with positive sentences.

Again make sure you aren’t telling anything bad about the Government of the country where you are traveling. You might hear something bad about that country’s government from the citizens, but make sure you aren’t going to start saying the same thing what they are telling. Just keep yourself positive.

13.     Some Additional Tips to Be Smart

If you are a student, you must search for extra benefits. You might be surprised after hearing that in Paris the most attractive places have a good amount of discount for students. So just seek for for an opportunity because it can help you to save a good amount of money.

It would be cheaper if you could complete bookings in advance. Just do a search to find the nearest hotels of your destination and check their prices from the internet and complete bookings perfectly. By this way you will not miss your favorite hotels as well.

Always ask locals about their culture and events. Just ask yourself, who knows better than locals? Some awesome events might not be listed on the internet, but you can know about these from the locals. You can know about their cultural events, foods, their other activities etc.

Finally, I can say that every place has its own unique challenges. However, I hope these tips will allow you to have a good start. Never make yourself limited to what is described here. Learning more will definitely allow you to have a better journey. Good luck with your journey.

13 Things to Know Before Travelling Globally
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13 Things to Know Before Travelling Globally
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