How To Choose Shoes That Match Best With Your Dress

How To Choose Shoes That Match Best With Your Dress

There is nothing bad in having passion for shoes but one thing that can get you in trouble with people is if you end up mixing the perfect pair of shoes with the wrong type of dress. There are countless sizes, colors, designs and models to choose from but as hinted above, what is even more important is to blend the shoes with the dress and that is exactly what fashion perfection is all about. In this piece, we are going to focus on tips that can assist you in selecting the right shoes for the perfect attire and step out looking really gorgeous at any occasion.

1. Color

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of fashion is color. One of the most cardinal points in fashion is that you must always select shoe colors that blend seamlessly with your dresses as against colors that contrast against what you wear. For instance, if you are going for elegant black heels, you should go for a dress that blends with them. If you are totally unsure of how to go about it, selecting a neutral or simple color can help.

2. Experiment With Lively Shoes

Experiment With Lively Shoes

Add real-life and vitality to your appearance by experimenting with flashy shoes. For instance, you can combine solid black shoes with navy blue tops. You can even combine leather shoes with some casual jeans. In fashion, elegance is often minimalist so you should have this in mind.

3. Let There Be Variety

One big error that many make when it comes to blending shoes with dresses is that they use the same color all through. That is not only boring and bland but it makes you look like you are wearing a uniform. If you wear red shoes, then your shirt or top should also not be red or even any other shade of red, be creative and let there be some variety. However, you should always remember never to overdo it.

4. You Can Never Go Wrong With Different Shades

You can always stay safe from the wrath of the fashion police by adopting different shades of hue. For instance, if you decide to don a pale blue top, you can blend with another similar but deeper shade. This always makes you stand out as not only elegant but truly exquisite.

5. Pay Attention To The Environment

It is also important that you pay attention to the venue of the event so you do not appear out of place. For instance, if you are going to an office, corporate or very formal setting, sober colors like black will be ideal and perfect. If you are going to a casual event like a dinner, birthday party, wedding or other less formal events then you can be as colorful as you want to be. What this means is that blending the shoes with the dress is not just about what you wear but also about the place you are also wearing them to.


How To Choose Shoes That Match Best With Your Dress
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How To Choose Shoes That Match Best With Your Dress
1. Color , 2. Experiment With Lively Shoes, 3. Let There Be Variety, 4. You Can Never Go Wrong With Different Shades, 5. Pay Attention To The Environment
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