Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

For those who absolutely love watching movies on the Internet,Putlocker is definitely a very good place. However, the interesting thing here is that there are several other options out there that also have fantastic movies for everyone apart from Putlocker. Below are the top 15 Putlocker alternatives you can also enjoy:

1. Yidio


With Yidio, you can be sure of enjoying full-length films of all types. Searching for movies on Yidio is not difficult at all and you can even make use of detailed search based on MPAA configurations. On Yidio, users can select or search for movies depending on our popular they are or even how recent they are. But it is important to clarify at this point that some of the movies available on Yidio cannot be streamed right on the platform and you will be redirected to other platforms before you can enjoy them.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

One of the most reliable movie sites out there, is really a place you should try out and this is because it offers you some incredible movies that you are not likely to see anywhere else. When it comes to excellence in the quality of movies, Tubitvis clearly in a class of its own. Viewers are often amazed at all the subtitles put in place for virtually all the movies. But all that said, you should be ready to cope with the various ads on the website.

3. Netflix


Well, clearly does not need any introduction as it is one of the most well-known movie sites on the planet. On Netflix, users subscribe on a monthly-basis before they are able to have access to an array of all kinds of movies. One lovely thing with Netflix is that there are trailers available for each movie. With these trailers, one can take time to sample the movies and select before going for the one to watch.

4. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

For those who love really classic movies, is truly the place you should go to. Here, you will find all kinds of movies from all genresand one special thing with this platform is that it has a place for silent movies. For those who hate adverts popping up as they enjoy watching their movies. And that is not all, you also need to realize the fact that you cannot do sorting or filtering of the movies. Another thing you should put at the back of your mind is that because of the nature of the movies, they are typically in black and white and that can affect the quality. Another thing is that because of the date of the movies, some of them are not available again.

5. Prime wire

Prime wire

Now called, this platform was once referred to as and in the real sense of it, it is one of the most excellent options available out there as alternatives to Putlocker. The main reason why it is so loved is that it is very up to date when it comes to the publishing of recent movies and even the old ones are also available as well.

6. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Known for having a massive collection of movies, Sony Crackleis a sure hit for movie lovers. Their movies are of superb quality but one thing you need to know is that this platform is not present in all countries of the world. Another thing is that this platform offers quite a lot of ads and if you are not patient, you may be fed up with it. However, the good thing is that you can adjust the settings in a way that the ads will not be too intrusive.

7. Vudu Movies

Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

On, users can get to rent, purchase or even watch the movies without even paying anything. However, before you can watch a movie on this platform, you need to open an account. Even though this is not a very famous option for so many people, the truth is that this platform has so many movies that one can select from. There is the possibility of selecting the movies based on the filteringsystem but you need to know that you have to make do with the commercials before you can watch some of the movies. What this means is that you have to cope with several adverts that will come up from time to time as you are enjoying the films.

8. SnagFilms


One thing that is very attractive about this movie platform is that unlike other movie platforms, Snag Films is present all across the globe and in addition to that, there countless movies that are available in their huge cache of films. On Snag Films, the films are arranged in categories that can ensure that users can easily find whatever they are looking for. Another main benefit with Snag Films is that it is a platform that is well-suited for functionality on all devices and what that means is that viewers can make use of gadgets like android devices, iOS computers, smartphones, and Windows products.

However, another thing that you will love about this platform is that it has a relatively little number of ads. But you need to know that there are no subtitles and there is no way you can leave comments on the movies that you enjoy and you also cannot leave ratings

9. Popcornflix


On, you are sure of getting the most excellent movies, television shows and several series that you can always pick from. And the screen is a very massive one, which makes for real pleasure.

10. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

For those who are very passionate about documentary flicks, is clearly the place for you to be. On this website, viewers can choose from different sections and in fact, there is a section where people can subscribe to get email alerts so you can be receiving notifications whenever fresh documentaries are released. One of the best things about this platform is that practically all their movies do not have all those annoying ads so you can be sure to enjoy all you are watching. And another thing is that the documentaries are actually very excellent in terms of quality but at the moment, there is no software application yet for mobile phone users.

11. Metacafe


For those who are really into short flicks, this is the best place for you. For those who love those movies that are just one-and-half minutes in duration, this is the best platform to download them from. Metacafe has countless clips that can give details on product reviews, how-to-guides, manuals and a lot more.

12. Twitch


This is probably the best platform for movie aficionados who are really into video games online. Apart from enjoying excellent movies, you can also get to see your most adorable online games from different parts of the globe. With Twitch, you can enjoy live games and also see other gamers also playing their preferred games online.

13. Vimeo


Opened in 2004, this is clearly not one of the youngest on this list. Because of the long period of existence, Vimeo has embedded several features and these include different membership plans, some of which are free and another is based on subscription. Apart from the countless movies that Vimeo offers, there is also something unique with Vimeo and that is the fact that you can develop and create your own videos. This is precisely why filmmakers and cinematographers really love Vimeo.

14. Vevo


Of all the ones that have been listed above, Vevo is a bit different. This is because it is better for those who are into music videos. On Vevo, you can check out the finest music videos and some intelligent playlists and these clips are available from all genres from different countries of the world.

15. IrokoTV


This is quite similar to Netflix above but the thing with IrokoTV is that it focuses more on African movies but it is surely a very solid platform for high-quality entertainment.


In addition to the ones that have been listed above, there are some others that are also good options to Putlocker but before selecting any of the others, it is quite important to be sure they are of outstanding quality. This is because it is not uncommon to come across other movie sites that claim to have excellent content but at the end of the day, they have nothing but horrible clips for their viewers. With the preview features put in place, one can easily check the quality of these flicks before one decides to view or even download them. From experience, it has been observed that those that viewers have to subscribe often have the best videos than many of those that offer everything for free. However, it is always better to be sure than to just take a risk and one thing that can be done to ensure this is to take a look at the preview of all the videos on offer.

Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online
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Top 15 Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online
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