Top 15 Alternatives to 123movies to Watch Movies Online

If you enjoy watching movies online, 123movies may be one of your top destinations but you will be amazed at the number of available sites that offer more than just watching newly released and old movies. The following are the top 123movies alternatives you should check out today;

Top 15 Alternatives to 123Movies

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the top 123movies alternatives with a huge selection of movies. Though it is not available in every region, it surely offers movies in good quality. This site displays more ads than many other movie sites but you can change the settings to cancel out such annoying ads. offers numerous video player options and it can be accessed online via its mobile app.


Popcornflix offers great movies, TV shows and lots of series you can always choose from. All the movies here will play online via a very large movie player. Perhaps one of the best features of this site is that it helps you create GIFs from all movie scenes and you can also make comments that can be pinned to any part of the movie scenes. There are no options for sub-titles here but you can preview any movie to see if it comes with subtitles.


Yidio offers full-length movies in all genres. It is easy to find movies from different genres on this site, and you can also filter the movies based on the MPAA ratings. It is possible to sort movies based on their popularity, likewise, you can choose recently-added options to see the latest movies available. Take note of the fact that not all the movies available on this site are streamed directly, you may be redirected to another place to watch those movies.

Prime wire

Prime wire was formerly, and it should be ranked as one of the best alternatives to because it uploads newly released and old movies on the site. You can find movies from horror, drama, science fiction, romance, documentaries and family genres on this site. You will need to install a third party downloaded to download movies on this site, and some of the movie links will request that you sign up to watch some movies. Make sure you preview the movie you are downloading here because not all the movies have good qualities.


Putlocker has a great selection of movies and many series to choose from. Though this site may only upload movies bi-weekly most times, you can rest assured of great quality movie selections on the site. With over 1000 movies available on this site, you can search for movies by genre, or year of release. The site also offers movie watchers the opportunity to rate their favorite movies. It is surely one of the sites to explore.

Snag Films

Snag Films

SnagFilms is available worldwide and offers a gigantic selection of movies in different categories. The movies are normally grouped into different collections to ensure a faster search for users. This site will work on diverse devices, most especially the android, Windows, and IOS computers, and smartphones. One great thing you will also love here is that the site displays a very minimal number of ads. This site doesn’t show subtitles and users are not allowed to make comments or rate their favorite videos. You will love this site because it offers a catalog of over 10,000 videos.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one sure movie site you want to check out because there are some new movies here you may not find on many other movie websites. Tubi is one site with high-quality popular movies with diverse genres to select your movies from. You will be pleased that the sub-title feature can be enabled for most of the movies here but be prepared to see ads occasionally popping up while watching the movies. Unlike many streaming websites, there is no comment section below the movies available here. In addition to thousands of free movies available here, this site also has numerous TV shows to choose from. You can watch movies either as featured, Trending, newly released, oldies, Highly rated, rotten tomatoes, movie night, or Not on Netflix sections.

Vudu Movies is the place to rent, buy or watch movies for free. You will have to create an account, to be able to watch movies on this site. Though Vudu may not be your first pick especially when looking for free 123movies alternative there are thousands of movies you can watch right now on the site. The movies can be

Top 15Alternatives to 123movies to Watch Movies Online

filtered in several ways but keep in mind that not every movie here is free to watch. In addition to the fact that not all movies are available for free, you still have to put up with occasional popup commercials when watching your movies.

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

If you are a lover of documentary movies, then you should consider, your ideal alternative to 123movies. There are lots of categories to browse through here, and you can also sign up for email alerts to get notifications when new documentaries are released. You will be pleased to know that most of the movies here don’t come with pop-up ads, hence you can relax and enjoy watching with peace of mind. You will also be pleased to know that the movies here are of top quality. This site has no mobile app available for smartphones.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is the number one destination for lovers of classic or vintage movies. There are lots of varieties of movie genres here,  and there is a particular section for silent films. You will be glad to know that there are no ads in the movies you find here but the issue is, you can’t sort or filter the movies. You need to also consider the fact that many movies here are still in black and white format hence the quality can be quite low. You should be wary of some movie links that are not available because the movies have been removed from the collections.


Metacafe is one of the best movie sites for short movies. If you are looking for the 90-seconds movies you can download online, then this is the place to be. It also offers a precise and very quick How-to Guides, product reviews, all genres of movies, music, product reviews, funny video contents, sports contents, and many more. You can share videos on this site, and you can also opt for the Playback quality videos. offers one of the largest collections of funny memes online.

Vimeo movies

Vimeo movies was established in 2004, making it one of the oldest movie websites in the world today. It has a wide range of membership options; there are free memberships and subscription-based membership ranging from $7 to $75. In addition to offering hundreds of free movies for download, Vimeo is also a creative platform where you can create your videos. This is the reason why Vimeo is number one for filmmakers, Cinematographers and Photography professionals.

There are lots of 4k Ultra-clear HD video qualities here, especially for those who subscribe. The different video categories are easy to search here.


Netflix is a subscription-based video content site that is quite similar but more efficient than You have a free 1-month video streaming when you subscribe to this video website and you can watch trailers of movies before watching the full-length versions. Aside from watching the videos online, you can download them and watch them offline also. Being a monthly subscription video site, you can watch unlimited old and newly released movies for a token and at the same time, more than a single person can use the same account. Netflix shares lots of similarities to Hulu movies site especially in high video quality feature.


Twitch is ideal for movie lovers who also love playing video games online. In addition to watching top-quality videos online, you can also watch your favorite online gaming broadcasts from anywhere in the world. Twitch offers live gaming experience, and you can also watch how other users are playing their favorite online games.


Vevo is mostly designed for music videos. It was established in 2009 and it now offers cool features such as making your own videos or playlists. The curators on this website bring you the newly released videos, featured playlists plus amazing music videos from all genres from all over the world. Vevo videos are of the highest qualities.


There are lots of other alternatives that can be considered but it is important to check for their video qualities because many sites offer recorded movies that are of poor image and sound qualities. The most suitable movie sites are those with preview features where you can ascertain the level of quality the videos are made of before downloading them. In most cases, subscription-based movie sites usually have more good quality videos than free video sites, still, you must check a preview of the movie to be sure of the quality.

Top 15Alternatives to 123movies to Watch Movies Online
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Top 15Alternatives to 123movies to Watch Movies Online
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