5 Great Windows Installation Tips You Should Know

Windows Installation Tips

When you are installing a new Windows, there are some tips and ideas you should keep in mind to help achieve better results and to avoid certain complications or interruption to Windows Operating System usage after installation. The following tips are very essential;

1. Pin Your Favorite Settings

To avoid access to the same settings over and over again after Windows installation, you should rather Pin them. When you install Windows 10, you can access your favorite settings quicker by simply pinning them. You will notice the settings icon on new Windows has pin icon, located in the top right corner of your screen, especially around the search box. The Pin will give you instant access to any section of the settings app on the Start Menu.

2. Configure The Onedrive

OneDrive feature has gained a lot of popularity since the release of Windows 8.1. If you don’t plan to use the new Windows OS daily, then you don’t have to configure the OneDrive. If you plan on using the operating system daily, you need to open the File Explorer and click on “OneDrive”, from your left plane and customize the settings to your preference. You can decide to choose where to store your synced files. Remember, the OneDrive helps to backup your information in the cloud, just in case there is a hardware failure.

3. Use The Rollback Option Just In Case There Is A Bug In Your New Windows OS

If your Windows has a bug and you notice a particular version is not working correctly after Window installation, you can simply use the Rollback mechanism offered by Microsoft to go back to a previous Windows version. To do this, simply open the Settings app, then click on “Update & Recovery”. Navigate through the “Recovery” option and then click on the “Restart Now” button from the “Advanced startup” section.  Windows will resume the boot options, then you can click on “Troubleshoot”, then click on “Rollback to previous build” option and wait for the procedures to complete automatically.

4. Enable Your Microsoft Digital Assistance

Enable Your Microsoft Digital Assistance

Microsoft has now included several digital assistance options known as “Cortana” and “Hey Cortana”. During Windows installation, you should click on the taskbar search box to bring up the digital assistance and then click on “Allow” to enable the Cortana personal assistance feature. With these virtual digital assistants, you can resolve any issue during windows installation.

5. Disengage The Syncing In Windows

During windows installation, syncing is always ongoing and t helps Microsoft to track Windows 10 to improve their services. It also helps you transfer your files from other Windows devices. By default, Windows will simply synchronize your settings, but such regular syncing can also cause several problems, hence you should disable it at your settings app until you need it.


There are several other tips and ideas you may want to consider but it is very important to leave all default settings on a new Windows operating system before disabling them to ensure that the operating system works efficiently.




5 Great Windows Installation Tips You Should Know
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5 Great Windows Installation Tips You Should Know
1. Pin Your Favorite Settings, 2. Configure The Onedrive, 3. Use The Rollback Option Just In Case There Is A Bug In Your New Windows OS, 4. Enable Your Microsoft Digital Assistance, 5. Disengage The Syncing In Windows
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